GemMeter GemMeterNow with color input! € 790,-

Our top level device for digital reading the refractive index (R.I.) up to a value of 3.094. The GemMeter measures the R.I. and displays all possible gemstones with comparable values.

Conductor 2002 Conductor 2002€ 399,-

Diamond-tester and moissanite-tester rolled into one! Conductor 2002 is a revolutionary highly sensitive tester with sensational testing qualities. This device has a built-in signal for measuring errors to guarantee a correct result.

Conductor 2001 Conductor 2001€ 254,-

If you already have a diamond-tester, as an expert you need a moissanite-tester in addition to that. Conductor 2001 is a top class moissanite-tester and the only one with built-in signal for measuring errors!

Ringbendingtool Ringbendingtool€ 295,-

For an easy and accurate bending of round and flat metals up to 5 mm (silver, yellow and white gold, platinum, springsteels) we recommend this Ringbendingtool.

Tables of Gemstone Identification Tables of Gemstone Identification€ 84,-

by Roger Dedeyne & Ivo Quintens
The most actual and updated tables for the determination of gemstones. This book is a must for every gemmologist.